Embracing Shakti Guided Dance Video

This downloadable video guides you through a series of movements that will get you into your body, open you up beyond your habitual mental patterns, and connect you to the innate aliveness and sexual energy in your body.

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How does sensuality & spirituality play together?

By Holly

Do you ever have that experience of looking into the mirror and getting so caught up in the image of yourself that you become consumed with thoughts and stop feeling yourself? Or eating a bag of popcorn / tub of ice-cream / block of chocolate and suddenly there’s none left but you notice that you hardly tasted or felt what you ate.Or perhaps your were touching your body or someone was touching your body but you didn’t really ‘feel’ it. A kind of going through the motions that left you actua […]

Mind the gap!

By Holly

Modern woman’s life is full, multifaceted and places us in many different roles. Mothers, wifes, lovers, business owners, carers, team leaders, mentors, students, activists…If you’re anything like me, you spend a good chunk of your day getting things done. Planning, ticking things off a list, focusing, directing people, organising, providing structure and support for others.And these are great skills to have and cultivate.The only problem is all this kind of mental stimulation squeezes the ene […]

Arousal is not just about getting wet before sex

By Holly

Arousal is not just about getting wet before sex.Arousal is the effect of intimate connection, feeling alive and enthusiastic about life.When your body is RELAXED, RESPONSIVE and RECEPTIVE to the possibility of what’s happening in the moment arousal occurs very naturally. Everything feels more vibrant and rich….and not just in the bedroom.You can be walking down the street relaxed, responsive and receptive to the breeze on your neck and feel aroused. Or looking into the night sky, dissolve in […]

Not feeling ready? That’s okay.

By Holly

I know of no better way to gain clarity and acceptance around what’s really going on (not what I think is going on) in my life and relationships than to DANCE.I dance when I’m confused about what to do next.I dance when I’m stuck in a creativity rut and feel blocked in my expression.I dance when I don’t feel sexually turned on and disconnected from my partner.I dance when I’ve got a big social event coming up and I’m feeling nervous to meet lots of new people. […]

​Obstacles to Transformation [PART 1] – How I almost didn’t start dancing

By Holly

Recently, I shared how I started dancing…but what I didn’t include was the more relevant story of how I almost didn’t start dancing.Have you ever experienced contraction in the form of inhibition, doubt, obstacles, distraction or sometimes blatant self-sabotage just prior to expanding into a grander embodiment of your true self or taking an action aligned with fulfilling your heart’s purpose?I certainly have! Whenever I’m stepping up and doing something that&r […]

What if it’s too much? What if I can’t handle it?

By Holly

“For almost a year I would read the feedback from the DED weekend workshops and wonder if all the hype was really true. Or more so if i was capable of feeling the depth of this course that all of these woman before me had.What if it’s too much? What if I can’t handle it? It kinda scares me! It would be such a waste of money if I didn’t show up..However beneath the chatter of my fearful mind there was always a warm and inquisitive whisper prompting questions like: ’But what if I DO […]

How I started dancing…

By Holly

I started dancing not so long ago in 2011. Prior to that I had explored salsa socially for some months, and before that you wouldn’t have even caught me dropping a few moves in the living room. Up until 5 years ago I had very little relationship with my femininity, love for my body or inkling of what was possible to feel through dancing.The game-changer for me was a suggestion from my intimate partner back then to replace my rigorous yoga practice with dancing but keep the same level […]

Why you’re not getting the respect you deserve

By Holly

Are you the type of woman that gives and gives and gives in relationships trying to make yourself feel adequate, because just being who you are isn’t quite good enough?Don’t get me wrong, giving is a beautiful and fulfilling quality of the feminine nature, just look at Mother Nature and all the she gives. I’m talking about the kind of hustle to sell yourself as good, pleasing and acceptable that happens because you don’t respect yourself enough to value who you are.No mat […]

Feminine Sexual Energy married with the Heart…

By Holly

Feminine sexual energy is undoubtedly the most powerful of forces in this world. It is pure potentiality, the creative drive of life itself and intoxicating beauty of nature manifest in endless forms. Secretly if not openly most women know or at least intuit that this erotic energy within them can move mountains and essentially get them anything they desire. What if you could access the capacity to manifest whatever you desired into the world?Such an immense capacity for transformation […]

The smooth edge of your hips

By Holly

Women’s hips are a source of tremendous creativity, pleasure and power. We can literally hold life, nourish and birth a new being in our hips. Isn’t that incredible!? The waters of our sacrum are magnetic to our desires, essential to our ability to flow and receive the fruits of our yearnings. Yet, as women our…

Some might doubt that something as ‘simple’ as dance can change the world… But not us.

Every week, we witness the women in our classes returning to their natural state of being – overflowing with love, sensually awake, free to express themselves, and celebrating the immensity of life coursing through them…

There’s no question in our minds about the revolutionary power of Shiva Shakti Dance.

The only question?

Is whether you’ll join us.