In this very practical, but playful session, you’ll learn: 

– 4 real-time, immediately useful tools for deeper embodiment and enhanced sensuality

– How to use your bum to stop overthinking (yep!)

– How to seduce someone whilst drinking from your waterbottle #skills

– How your eyes are part of your nervous system and how to use them to self-regulate.

– How you can stay calm and embodied whilst having a stressful conversation. 

– What kind of breathing deepens or expands orgasmic energy. 

Tips that are relevant in the bedroom, whilst self-pleasuring or having sex to regulate yourself 
AND equally useful whilst getting groceries, or waking up in the morning, or moving through your work day to have a more embodied and sensual experience.

The Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitator Training is also discussed at 31min onwards.

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