Shiva Shakti Dance


This unique embodiment practice uses movement to calm your mind and get back into your body, so you can drop into deeper levels of pleasure and presence, and unravel decades of social programming, baggage, and suffering.  

Essentially, it helps you come home to your true self – fully embodied, awake, sensual, and deeply connected to your own wisdom, beauty and power.

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What is

Shiva Shakti Dance?


Shiva Shakti Dance is an integrative dance practice that takes its inspiration from tantric philosophy, yogic tradition, belly dance, striptease, temple dance and more, to allow you to explore the divine polarity that exists within you — that is, your Shiva aspect (the masculine principle of consciousness, unwavering presence, and stillness) and your Shakti aspect (the feminine principle of universal energy, radiance, or you may simply call it ‘love’).

Meet Holly

Founder, Teacher & Creative Director of Shiva Shakti Dance.

Holly Wodetzki thought she was destined for a life of science and academia… certainly not dance. As a passionate yogi, she enjoyed the rigours of disciplined training and esoteric philosophy for more than a decade. It wasn’t until 2011, in the privacy of her lounge room, that she discovered the wild-hearted transformative power of dance and the embrace of Shakti.


Hear from real women who’ve experienced the power of Shiva Shakti Dance...

As a woman with many roles in life (mother, wife, business owner) I often find myself in the mode of giving, giving, giving. To my clients, to my family, to my work and whilst part of me LOVES being of service to others, another part of me yearns to feel more playful, sensual, delicious, magnetic. I know that in order to thrive as a modern day Goddess, it’s important to fuel my feminine energy with pleasure-filled, heart-connected, sexy activities. When I need refreshing, I book one of Holly's courses or workshops because I get a powerful, embodied experience EVERY SINGLE TIME. Holly is one of the best teachers I’ve ever met. Her ability to combine humour and lightness, with authenticity and wisdom is effortless. I will continue my journey with her because she is simply the best at what she does!

- Kim Newing, Founder & Master Coach at Mama Goddess

Shiva Shakti Dance is more than just a dance, it is a resurrection of your most essential divine feminine. If you close your eyes for just a moment, you could be forgiven for thinking you're in a temple full of other goddesses, melting into a sublime expression of our most potent inner forces. Holly is the embodiment of everything she teaches: beauty, truth, desire, aliveness. As transformational as it is to dance, it is also beyond healing to come together with other women: to be held and loved and supported and cherished.

And that's the incredible space Shiva Shakti Dance offers.

I believe every woman should experience this. To fall in love with herself again. To witness herself as desirable. To feel the power she transmits and the heart explosions she invokes in others when she truly shows up and offers her self.

The beauty of this work is you can experience it for your own sake but it will also strengthen your capacity to give yourself to the world: in your work, in your passions, in your desires. It's the best darn personal development work you will ever choose for yourself.

My invitation to you: do it. Stretch beyond the nerves. Make space for it in your life. Find the erotic woman within and get to a class or course.

It will change everything for you.

- Melissa Sandon, Founder of Soul Leader Academy & Energy Medicine Mentor

Holly's Shiva Shakti Dance workshop was sexy + expansive beyond belief! Any woman who seeks to explore her divine sexuality, raw potency as a woman or just have an awesome time in a circle of supportive sisters - you MUST do this workshop. Deep, intimate, raw + potent. I loved exploring deeper devotion to myself, to my pleasure + to my expansion as an embodiment practitioner.

- Jenna Ward, Embodiment Teacher & Founder of  The Embodied Woman

I was definitely nervous before my first class, but soon realised that there were women of all shapes, sizes and experience levels there - which helped me to relax into it. This is one of the most powerful practices I've found for connecting to my feminine energy, feeling sexy and alive and healing my body image issues.  I LOVE Shiva-Shakti Dance so much that I actually drove from Byron Bay to Brisbane every Tuesday for 6 weeks for the session!

I rave about it to my friends and often recommend it to my clients too. After each session, I felt ecstatic, excited about life, deeply connected to my body and grateful to be a woman. Yummm!

- Bonnie Bliss, Creator of Yoni Mapping Therapy and Co-founder of The Yoniverse

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