Modern woman’s life is full, multifaceted and places us in many different roles. Mothers, wives, lovers, business owners, carers, team leaders, mentors, students, activists…

If you’re anything like me, you spend a good chunk of your day getting things done. Planning, ticking things off a list, focusing, directing people, organising, providing structure and support for others.

And these are great skills to have and cultivate.

The only problem is all this kind of mental stimulation squeezes the energy in your body up and forward. (Hello furrowed brow, stiff jaw and neck tension from working on a computer!)

So when it comes to feeling aroused, having intimate time, or plainly just feeling good in your body…it can feel like a monumental gap between your current zipped up state and relaxing down into your body enough to feel pleasure.
The gap may even feel so big that you don’t even bother trying anymore and just resign to feeling a bit numb and sexually disconnected.

Is that you?

Shiva Shakti Dance is a practice that has a myriad of benefits. One fundamental jewel is the ability to reconnect and cultivate of constant aliveness and pleasure moving through your body…even when you working or in ‘doing’ mode.

In fact you become a lot more effective and efficient because your actions draw on the wisdom of your body, the navigational tool of your heart and are energized by your connection to the flow of life.

If you feel all zipped up, dried out and tired…quit pushing boulders up hill – sister, there’s an easier, more natural and pleasurable way! Come experience Shiva Shakti Dance!

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