I used to think the things I loved should always come naturally.


Those classes, practices or people that left me healthy and inspired I should always feel a natural inclination towards….

Lol. I was wrong!

And to be honest, I have spent SO much time over the years justifying, denying or spiritualising my lack of motivation.

I cringe to think how many hobbies and passions have ended prematurely over the years due to my lack of awareness around the very natural part of growth and evolution:


Its normal to procrastinate around the activities you know are good for you.
Its normal to want to justify the laziness that is holding you back from the practices you love.
And its definitely normal on some days, to subconsciously pull out all stops in an attempt to stay cozy, comfortable and safe in life exactly as you know it.

Because sometimes it feels easier that way, right!?

And sure it can be satisfying for a while, living life in the safe zone, only extending as far as is comfortable…
but pretty soon those comfortable routines and spaces begin to feel UNcomfortably familiar, sometimes guilt-ridden, a little lonely or even numb.

We crave for the new, the fresh, the moments that thrill us, challenges that excite us, opportunities that teach, grow and expand us.

And in the pursuit of those fulfilling experiences we once again face the moments of…

Can I? 
Should I?
What if?
I cant.



Just like any shadow or sub-conscious tendency I believe shining the light on our resistance in a big way breaks down the power it has over our lives.

And that’s not to say the force and distinct ways it shows up will necessarily change or lessen.
But t
he amount of time and energy we entertain with it however, can.

Avoiding whatever is in us that’s begging for attention is EXHAUSTING.


These days resistance for me is an opportunity to recognize who I was and who I now choose to be.

To let go of lazy and expand in experience.
To notice contraction and instead choose connection.

It takes time and sensitivity to your body to know the difference between self limiting laziness and the legit need for some space and rest.

But once you feel that distinction, it can be SO refreshing, empowering and ENERGY SAVING, 
to simply make the choice to get on with it!

To do the things you know are good for you. In whatever form / interaction / commitment to yourself that may be.


How and when it shows up is so unique to us all. I’m not here to tell you what is and what’s not.

But i invite you to feel, question, and when it’s safe, challenge yourself to show up in those moments where the ‘fear-based-survival-brain’ part of you would rather stay small.

Get out of your comfort zone and feel the magic happen!

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