The Red Kamala


this precious human life is short &

you are here for so much more.

Are you yearning to dissolve the barriers that keep you disconnected from your body's exquisite sensations?

Do you want to shed the limitations of living in your mind and feeling small, separate and insignificant?

Would you love to disrupt the unsatisfying habitual patterns that lead you to move through life on auto-pilot and devoid of feeling?

Ready to embrace the profound beauty and meaningfulness that lies within and around you?


Five in-person immersions, over five months

Using embodied movement, dance, sensuality practices, devotion, ritual, and transformational processes, you'll experience a profound and deepening sense of meaningful, alive, intimate connection with your body, within yourself, in relationship, and with Life itself.


The Red Kamala is not merely a 'program.' 

It is a radiant realm of possibilities, granting you the freedom to explore and express every facet of your being.

It opens the gateway to a dance of uncharted pleasures, untamed beauty, profound power, and embodied wisdom beyond any preconceived limitations you might have held.

"Life has created a form by which it may know itself, and that form is you"

- The Recognition Sutras


Experience and embody all of Life.

Be free to feel it in all it's richness and diversity of expression. 


In each and every moment theres possibility for awe, wonderment, pulsating pleasure & a profound presence that penetrates the mundane and reveals a sublime beauty & inherent meaningfulness.

Your body and senses are the gateway.


All the beauty, power & wisdom is innately within you

...are you ready to say yes?

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

- Carl Jung


to cultivate practice & community

Immersion 1 - BEHOLD. the existential erotic play

When: 10-11 August 2024, 10am-4pm both days

Where: Stretch Yoga, 129 Margaret Street, Brisbane City.

Immersion 2 - DEVOTION. an altar state of being

When: 14 September 2024, 10am-6pm

Where: Elements Studio, 64 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

Afternoon delicacies & nourishment included.

Immersion 3 - Elemental Embodiment & the full spectrum

When: 19-20 October 2024

Where: Incredible private venue in nature, Crohamhurst

Guest facilitator: Rachel (Vocal coach & TMJ release)

Camping options & full catering included.

IMMERSION 4 - sensual transcendance & erotic artistry

When: 23 November 2024, 10am-7pm

Where: Elements Studio, 64 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

Guest facilitator: Alessandra Massi (Sensual Provocateur)

Afternoon delicacies & nourishment included.

Immersion 5 - Wild Play. having what you're not allowed

When: 7-8 December 2024, Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-3pm

Where: Elements Studio, 64 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

Guest facilitator: (Breathwork)

Afternoon delicacies & nourishment included.

IMMERSION 6 - who are you becoming. what do you desire

When: 10 January 2024, 2-6pm

Where: TBC

bonus inclusions:

NEW YEAR TEMPLE - celebrating the excruciating ravishment of being alive

When: 11 January 2025, 4-10pm

Where: The Old Museum, 460 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills


When: Sunday 1 Sept & 6 Oct, 10am-1pm

Where: Stretch Yoga, 129 Margaret Street, Brisbane City

With: certified SED facilitators

optional extras:


When: after Immersions 2, 4, 5 & 6

Where: Little G (next door to studio) or Paw Paw (5mins walk from studio)


When: Saturday 2 Nov, 3pm or as decided by the group

Where: SOAK Bathouse, 111 Boundary St, West End QLD


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Women who've previously attended a Shiva Shakti Dance workshop, course or retreat are eligible for a $200 discount.

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Get ready! We're dancing in...





Holly Wodetzki

Principle facilitator

Holly has spent over a decade teaching thousands of women practices to recognise and access the beauty, power & wisdom of their embodied experience. She believes there’s no need to waste this short, precious life living anything but a rich, meaningful, and connected existence. We’re here to be moved. To experience the full potential of being a human.

A gifted facilitator & practitioner with an extensive background in classical and contemporary Tantra, and a diverse range of dance genres, and an academic background in science.  She masterful creates transformative embodiment experiences for modern women that draw on ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, drenched in devotion.

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Vocal Expression

Rachel is a vocal coach, singer, actor, dancer and massage therapist, specialising in Vocal Manual Therapy.


Alessandra Massi

Sensual Play Provacateur

Alessandra Massi is a highly skilled facilitator in her own right and a very beloved member of our dance community. For over 8 years, she has been dancing alongside Holly, fostering a profound connection through movement and expression. As a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach and Sensual Embodied Dance® facilitator, Alessandra's presence exudes love and sensuality, supporting others to reunite with the power that comes from dynamic self-expression available through sensual dance and creative arts.

Her heart-centered facilitation creates meaningful experiences through connection, play, and sensuality.



Sacred Alchemy Breathwork

Karlyn Digitalise is a highly regarded facilitator specializing in trauma-sensitive Breathwork and Bodywork. With nearly two decades of experience in complementary health, she expertly combines various modalities to create transformative sessions. Her compassionate and empathetic approach fosters a space of profound kindness, understanding, and integrity, allowing participants to embark on deeply healing and empowering journeys. Karlyn's mastery in holding this transformative space has earned her widespread recognition and trust in her ability to guide individuals towards growth and self-discovery.

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Reserve your spot


PRICE $2700

Please note: Places are not guaranteed until payment is processed. All payments are secured by Stripe.

Women who've previously attended a Shiva Shakti Dance workshop, course or retreat are eligible for a $200 discount.

Just enter DEVOTED-DANCER in the coupon box at checkout.

If you have previous danced through The Red Kamala you are eligible for a $300 discount. Contact us for your code.

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