Shiva Shakti

4 nights of magic in pristine nature


Sat 23 Oct - Wed 27 Oct 2021

at Amara Retreat,

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

You're invited!



There's an immense potential dwelling within you yearning to be fully expressed. 

You feel it don't you? 

The longing in your heart, begging to be cracked open.

An ocean of pleasure pulsing in your hips, awaiting to be felt. 

The wide open possibilities your life and relationships would behold if the habitual numbness and tension were to melt away.

Are you ready to fall wildly in love? 

Do you dare to let your heart quiver with bliss?
Let your body dance wildly around sacred fires?
Throw your head back and laugh from deep in your belly?
Dissolve your inhibitions in the soft caresses of rose petals? 

Are you ready for love to pervade your entire body? 


A sisterhood of women are gathering.

It's time to come home.  

Get ready to experience:

Epic embodiment. 

Connection with your universal nature.

Profound transformation. 

This unique experience is a journey into the depths of the universal feminine (Shakti) & masculine principle (Shiva) within you.

A devotional erotic exploration of your divine nature as a woman

in all it's facets for 4 days / 4 nights
in a luscious rainforest sanctuary with no external distractions.

The retreat program includes:

  Essential embodiment practices

...know how to get out of your head and stay grounded in your body (especially when you're nervous or freaking out!).


 Partner & group exercises
...don't worry if you arrive not knowing anyone, you'll have a posse of new friends by the end of the first morning!


Shiva Shakti Dance practice
...unveil your innate feminine sensual nature & capacity for deep restful presence, and the gifts these facets bring to your intimate relationships through erotic polarity.


Self-inquiry & a safe container for vulnerability.
...explore tension, pent up emotions, habitual patterns and ideas about yourself within your body and mind that you are ready to let go of and be offered tools to gently unwind and release.


Inspiring lectures
...intellectually understand the perspective of tantric philosophy and it's experiential, embodied approach.


...ask whatever your heart desires related to relationships, sexuality, intimacy, personal practices, embodiment, tantra, yoga.


Restorative deep relaxation sessions calm your nervous system and integrate peak experiences.


Rituals & invocation the power of ritual, gesture, transfiguration and symbolism to dissolve your limitations and connect with universal expressions of love and being.


Bathing in the sacred tea tree lake drenched in beauty both literally and metaphorically!


Fire ceremony
...embrace the mesmerising atmosphere it creates for anicent stories and truths to be shared.


...and more! 


Plus, plenty of free time to reflect, go bushwalking, relax in the stream room, take a nap under the big trees, discuss life’s mysteries with your new friends, balance rocks in the Zen Garden, journal or just lay back and stare at the clouds floating by.


"At first I was shy about dancing in general, not being aware of what my body could do and how I can control it. Shiva Shakti Dance has been the best dance practice I've ever had because it's sexy, alluring, challenging and beautiful. Being able to let go in a studio and learn about the feminine sacred energy is something I will take with me forever and consider a lot in the future when it comes to relationships, how I fit into the world and how femininity is connected to nature. Most of all I'm grateful because there is just nothing like this elsewhere and it is something that needs to be recognised, appreciated and practiced by all women to get in touch with fun, freedom and desire in the world. It is inspiring and taught me how to love parts of myself that I didn't know I could."

- Penny

Unravel in pristine nature at Amara.

You'll spend 4 days/4 nights surrounded by lush Australian flora & fauna .

Located in the Noosa Hinterland, waking up at Amara with the sunrise provides each day with a glorious moment of feeling lucky to be alive. Watch the mist roll over undulating hills and into the valley beneath the Main Retreat House as you take the path to the glass-walled studio which overlooks a spectacular northerly view of the Sunshine Coast.

Enjoy luxury twin-share accommodation in either the Main Retreat House, one the gorgeous cabins or luxe clamping bell tents, and sessions in the 'Heart Space' studio.

Be delighted by an abundance of roaming wallabies and native birdlife amongst lush forests, take a dip in either the 4000 sqm sacred waterhole or Magnesium Salt Pool, or repose in the 6 person steam sauna, before dancing around the sacred fire at night under the stars!

What you'll receive...

+ 4 nights twin-share accomodation at the beautiful Amara Retreat, 81 Litfin Road, Verrierdale, Queensland, Australia.

Arrival between 5-6pm on Saturday 23rd October, departing by 2pm on Wednesday 27th October 2021.


+ Fully catered wholesome vegetarian food, made with quality local produce and bursting with colour, flavour, and taste bud bliss prepared lovingly by our beautiful & experienced chef Claudia.


+ 4 days of deep embodied transformational practice, sharing, ritual & relaxation.


+ The guidance and support of three experienced & highly trained facilitators: Holly Wodetzki, Ashleigh Edmunds & Felicity Meraki.


+ Connection to a vibrant, supportive sisterhood.


+ An incredible time-out from everyday life in a nourishing environment to re-connect with yourself.


+ Unforgettable experiences of devotion, dance and union with the creative pulse of Life!


+ Follow up package of music and transformational home practices to support your integration once you return home. Plus, access to the 'Shiva Shakti Dancers' online community to stay connected.


+  Half price off any Shiva Shakti Dance course or workshop in the future!


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Please read the Retreat Terms & Conditions including the COVID Cancellation Policy before purchasing.

The adventure begins in...


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Frequently Asked Questions

About YOur



Holly Wodetzki

Holly is the Founder and Creative Director of Shiva Shakti Dance.

 With more than a decade of ongoing study and practice in traditional tantra, dance, eastern mysticism and sacred sexuality, she brings deep insight and inspiration to her classes. Her teaching style is warm and encouraging. She shines a bright light on every women's potential to radically blossom.


Felicity Meraki

Felicity began her Shiva Shakti Dance journey in 2015, to balance her fast-paced, highly structured corporate life with the nourishing beauty and flow of embodied dance. She is an inspiring example of a woman deeply integrated in all aspects of herself and she masterfully supports others to access the same potential within them. Her warm presence creates an incredibly sacred space for women to embrace, express and transform themselves.

Felicity is a qualified Shiva Shakti Dance facilitator, Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher, Corporate Coach, Executive Project Manager and many other great things that empower women to love who they are and achieve what they desire.



Ashleigh Edmunds

Ashleigh has been part of the Shiva Shakti sisterhood since 2015. She brings an abundance of energy, creativity and depth to her facilitation, along with deep compassion. Her supportive style empowers women to experience the fun and freedom of true self-expression and unwavering self-love.

Ashleigh is a qualified Shiva Shakti Dance facilitator, Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher, Dance Movement Therapist, Spiral Practitioner and many other great things that support women to flourish. 

Hear from real women who’ve experienced the power of Shiva Shakti Dance...


"As a woman with many roles in life (mother, wife, business owner) I often find myself living from a place of 'force' ... stuck in the daily 'doing' and the masculine approach of achievement. I needed to remember the power, pleasure and ease that comes from being more balanced in the feminine and this workshop helped reconnect me to my sensuality and juiciness! Thanks Holly, it was fabulous!"

- Kim

"The devotional erotic dance workshop with Holly was a joyous blessing which opened my heart up like a flower blooming in response to the loving and supportive environment. I found it not only a pleasure to be there but also experienced it as a true need which I had not previously known existed. I left with great insights, a new love for myself and other women, a greater understanding of the masculine and feminine energies and the joy in their sacred union. Extremely intense, pleasurable, revolutionary. Truly needed in this world."

- Lidija

“Shiva Shakti Dance is a life changing work. I have seen multiple shifts in all areas of my life since starting this work. I continue to grow, heal and expand after every class and workshop and I am constantly surprised and how much deeper I can go every time.”

- Mae

I came to find my femininity again after having to shave my head for medical reasons and to find my womanly self expression, I was terrified and nervous to begin! The workshop held me and nurtured me to open up and blossom and the immense support and love I felt over that weekend has left me with a lingering key to the essence of what it is to be woman. Such a valuable experience for every woman. It was extraordinary and life altering. Thank you!”

- Bianca

“Honestly this is what I have been looking for! I'm astounded by the transformation of not only myself but all the women who do SSD! I have to say I tend to not gravitate towards workshops or courses, but that's only because I hadn't really experienced anything that provided so much value for money until I did this course. This is a transformational course and I'm so glad I took the jump and did it! Without really knowing what I was in for, I have absolutely no regrets I feel I am a better person for it and have gained something within myself that I wouldn't really have been able to grasp or fathom until I had done it. So I highly recommend it to all women! and I'm so amazed and grateful for what Holly has created. Its magical to see everyone transform by the power of their own thoughts and reconnect with their body and feminine side. It's like witnessing a flower bloom! and I say this with 100% conviction, I'm blown away!”

- Breanna

“Doing this course was the best thing I have done in a long time! As an incredible shy, awkward, homebody person, dancing with Holly has brought my desires and sensuality back from the dark and into my life again. I absolutely loved every minute of it and anyone sitting at home thinking, or wanting to know how to become an erotic and confident woman, HAS to do this course! I am so glad I took the leap.”

- Amanda

“The 2 day workshop provided a nurturing environment which encouraged personal growth through the exploration of sensual and sexual development. Holly is an amazing woman who inspires you to embrace your body and all its deliciousness; to work through your inhibitions. I learnt to embrace my femininity and swim in all the lusciousness that comes with being a woman. I took away a sense of freedom to enjoy my curves and all the joy that it brings within my relationship.”

- Kelli