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Dance your way

to exquisite embodiment, sacred surrender, & full-blown pleasure...

… even if you’re self-conscious, scared, or “not a dancer”.

When was the last time you felt truly alive?

Or experienced pleasure coursing through every inch of you? Or felt fully embodied and expressed as a woman?

For many women, the answer is: I can’t remember.


There are so many reasons why this might be the case... Perhaps you were taught to shut down that side of yourself during childhood. Maybe you’ve been so busy being a mum that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be you. Perhaps you went through a bad breakup, or put on a few unwanted kilos, or had the confidence knocked out of you, or simply just let your to-do list take over your life...

Regardless of the reason, the end result is the same: You don’t feel like you any more.

This realisation — that you’ve lost touch with your own essence — can be startling. To protect yourself, something inside of you begins to close off and shut down. You start to feel detached; a stranger in your own life. Getting through each day becomes a marathon of endurance, and you find yourself reaching for wine, food — anything — at the end of the day, just to remind yourself that it is possible to feel something... even if only for a minute.

And as for feeling sexy?

Ha. That seems like a lifetime ago. You’ve almost forgotten what it feels like. You might have even found yourself wondering if ‘this is it’ — if you’ve missed your shot; if the well has ‘dried up’; if you should simply leave the sensual side of life to those who are younger, or freer, or more adventurous... maybe it’s just not your truth anymore? Maybe you’re not capable of it?

If you’ve had any of these thoughts, I want to assure you:

You are NOT alone.
You are NOT broken.
And you absolutely CAN feel sexy again.

In fact, you can feel sexier than you’ve ever felt before... ever.

The truth is, immense pleasure and deep presence are already available to every one of us.

No matter who you are, it’s possible to live in a way where you’re constantly turned on — by yourself, as well as by your partner, your work, your mission, your creativity, your friendships, and your life in general; where you’re deeply connected to your body, your senses, your desires and the present moment...

But this awakening of your sensuality is not something that can be done by reading a book or listening to a podcast. This is something that must be felt, experienced, and integrated into your being, using the full breadth of your body, mind and soul...


Shiva Shakti Dance



Shiva Shakti Dance is an integrative dance practice that takes its inspiration from tantric philosophy, yogic tradition, belly dance, striptease, temple dance and more, to allow you to explore the divine polarity that exists within you — that is, your Shiva aspect (the masculine principle of consciousness, unwavering presence, and stillness) and your Shakti aspect (the feminine principle of universal energy, radiance, or you may simply call it ‘love’).


Embodying and integrating these two sides of yourself allows you to connect — on a visceral, feel-it-in-your-bones level — with the innate beauty, power and wisdom that lies within.

It’s also the key to living life in that electric ‘turned on’ state that so many of us have lost touch with, but that’s actually our natural state of being as women...

This practice isn’t about ‘teaching’ you stuff. It’s about helping you relax into and embrace what’s already there...

The truth is, you don’t need to ‘learn’ how to be sensual or sexy.

And you’re not ‘broken’ or in need of ‘fixing’.

Instead, we’ll be melting numbness, unravelling social conditioning, and shedding unwanted baggage so that your true, luminous self can stand tall as the whole, wild woman she already is.


As you peel back the layers, the movement helps to embed and integrate everything you unearth into your self, your psyche and your body so that you can take this (remembered) wisdom with you as you go about your day-to-day life.

All it takes is your awareness and a willingness to drop back into the flow of the feminine in your body.

... Quite literally, you’ll be reclaiming your ‘sexy’ through dance.


Your senses are longing to awaken.
Your body is craving pleasure.
Your heart is yearning for radiant love.

… Are you ready to say yes?


"If you even slightly consider doing this workshop - DO IT. It's obviously already in you, the curiosity, the feeling, the power, and Holly is exquisite at drawing it out of you.

I didn't simply step out of my comfort zone, I ended up strutting out of it."

- Kate

There are a few different

ways to practice:


Regardless of which option you choose,
it’s important to know that...

  • All our immersions are for women only.
    This is a safe, sacred space, and your comfort is our highest priority. (And the sisterhood vibe? Next-level amazing!)
  • No prior dance experience is required.
    Many women have never danced before they walk into the studio.
  • You do not need to be in an intimate relationship to benefit immensely.
    (Though many women have been known to magnetise their life partners shortly after connecting with this practice!)
  • You don’t need to dance naked, or do anything you don’t want to do.
    We know the best way to naturally expand and grow is to have very clear personal boundaries in place. You will never be forced or coerced to do anything you don’t want to. Nor made to feel bad or that ‘you’re just resisting / closed / blocked / unspiritual’ if you choose to draw the line at some point. We provide the practices that can take you deep, but you choose your own adventure. Healthy boundaries all the way!

And by the way, it’s totally normal to feel nervous or scared.

(In fact, nervous jitters are practically a prerequisite!)

"The workshop was sexy + expansive beyond belief! Any woman who seeks to explore her divine sexuality, raw potency as a woman or just have an awesome time in a circle of supportive sisters - you MUST do this workshop. Deep, intimate, raw + potent. I loved exploring deeper devotion to myself, to my pleasure + to my expansion as an embodiment practitioner."

- Jenna Ward, Embodiment Teacher & Founder of Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Through this practice, you can expect to

transform your relationship with...

Your partner…

It can be very confusing when the passion you used to feel for your partner seems to fizzle out — or worse, when you start feeling energetically repulsed by the person you know you love. Shiva Shakti Dance helps you understand and restore the sexual polarity, freshness and curiosity that allows you to rekindle that attraction, reignite the torch of sexual passion, and evolve your relationship to a new level.

Your body…

So many women feel ‘separate’ from their bodies. This unique embodiment practice teaches you how to be completely anchored in the present moment – connected to your physical being, tuned in to your body’s wisdom, and grounded in your energy centres. You’ll also discover that what your body can do (and how it can feel) is infinitely more alluring and significant than what it looks like on the outside.

Your sexuality...

It’s time to reclaim the naturalness, radiance and vitality of your sexuality!
Awaken the sensual woman within you who’s aching to be expressed and adored, and learn how to confidently express your erotic desires from your heart (without shame, guilt or fear).


Habitual patterns, constant busy-ness, and endless ‘doing’ all keep us stuck in the cycle of stress. This kind of devotional erotic dance is so powerful for getting you OUT of your head and back into your body, so you can switch off your mental mix-tape and free yourself from anxiety and overwhelm.


Immense pleasure is available to every woman in every moment. You’ll rediscover how it feels to connect with your senses, to get comfortable with receiving, to relish in even the most ordinary moments of life, and to relax into the constant aliveness and pleasure moving through your body.

Your future partner

When you’re grounded in your truth and expressing your full self, it becomes SO much easier to call in a similarly awakened partner, and experience a relationship where both parties are committed to honesty, depth, and loving expansion.


Through this communal practice, you’ll begin to appreciate the incredible beauty in all women… including yourself. As you’re welcomed into this warm and thriving sisterhood, you’ll effortlessly create new friendships, experience the blissful feeling of true belonging, and leave behind the old paradigms of competition, judgement and comparison.


As you surrender to dance as a spiritual pathway, you’ll notice a quality of universal love flowing through you, opening you up to a divine embrace beyond your own individuality. As you move further along the journey, you’ll find ‘your’ dance dissolving, as the dance of life moves through you with grace, intelligence and effortlessness.


So much of women’s sexuality is shrouded in shame, silence and secrecy. Which is why we place so much emphasis on creating a sacred and supportive environment: so that you feel safe and held as you step outside your comfort zone. You’ll be lovingly invited to explore deep-seated parts of yourself, venture into your vulnerability, and unearth new frontiers on the most important journey of your life: the one home to you.

Most importantly of all, you’ll transform your relationship with yourself.

You’ll feel more self-confidence, freedom and beauty in just being you.

As well as having heaps of fun, and expressing that truth inside you that’s been yearning to be set free, you’ll experience the foundation-shifting feeling of being turned on by your own life…

In short, you’ll have awakened the wild, sensual, luminous woman within.


“But what if

I’m scared?”

Most women come to their first Shiva Shakti session feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed with nerves… So please know that you’re not alone, and this fear is totally normal. (After all, many of us have gone our entire lives without ever exploring our full potential as an embodied woman.)

The good news is, the nerves are simply another aspect of the journey. And there’s so much power in showing up just as you are, with all your resistance and worries and doubts in tow.

As with most things in life, the hardest part is that first act of showing up. From there, most women report that their nerves start to melt away right from the very first exercise...


This has been by far the scariest and most liberating experience in my life. Years of Yoga, Reiki, meditation, and psychologists have not had the same effect as this one weekend. The facilitators make you feel loved and secure in a very vulnerable state and environment. I came away feeling more confident, free and happier than I have felt in years.”

​- Gaby


“I felt a little nervous before the workshop but I didn't really know what I was getting in too so I was actually quite excited! The workshop was so many things.... I loved it but also found it very challenging. I pushed through so much fear & felt the freedom on the other side. It was a safe space to explore my sexual feminine energy through dance. I was enlightening and refreshing. I felt supported and encouraged. It was so much fun yet such a deep experience too.”

- Chloe

So if you are currently feeling butterflies in your stomach, extreme nervousness, or the desire to curl up in a ball and hide...take a breath, it's totally normal. And I promise: it won't last long.

In fact, these feelings can be a good thing. Consider the intensity of the energy in your body, and all those feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty… are they so different from falling in love? Perhaps you're just about to fall in love?!


What a thrill!



Reclaim your 'sexy'. Awaken your senses.
Unleash your wild woman.


​"Beyond enlightening! The workshop filled me with such a happiness and joy. I have never felt more in touch with my inner woman. I really don't know how to describe how this workshop has affected me. I felt pure bliss every moment.”

- Annette

About Our



Holly Wodetzki

Holly is the Founder and Creative Director of Shiva Shakti Dance. With more than a decade of ongoing study and practice in yoga, dance and eastern mysticism, she brings deep insight and inspiration to her classes. Her teaching style is warm and encouraging. She shines a bright light on every women's potential to radically blossom.


Felicity Meraki

Felicity began her Shiva Shakti Dance journey in 2015, to balance her fast-paced, highly structured corporate life with the nourishing beauty and flow of embodied dance. She is an inspiring example of a woman deeply integrated in all aspects of herself and she masterfully supports others to access the same potential within them. Her warm presence creates an incredibly sacred space for women to embrace, express and transform themselves.



Ashleigh Edmunds

Ashleigh has been part of the Shiva Shakti sisterhood since 2015. She brings an abundance of energy, creativity and depth to her facilitation, along with deep compassion. Her supportive style empowers women to experience the fun and freedom of true self-expression and unwavering self-love.

Hear from real women who’ve experienced the power of Shiva Shakti Dance...


"As a woman with many roles in life (mother, wife, business owner) I often find myself living from a place of 'force' ... stuck in the daily 'doing' and the masculine approach of achievement. I needed to remember the power, pleasure and ease that comes from being more balanced in the feminine and this workshop helped reconnect me to my sensuality and juiciness! Thanks Holly, it was fabulous!"

- Kim

"The devotional erotic dance workshop with Holly was a joyous blessing which opened my heart up like a flower blooming in response to the loving and supportive environment. I found it not only a pleasure to be there but also experienced it as a true need which I had not previously known existed. I left with great insights, a new love for myself and other women, a greater understanding of the masculine and feminine energies and the joy in their sacred union. Extremely intense, pleasurable, revolutionary. Truly needed in this world."

- Lidija

“Shiva Shakti Dance is a life changing work. I have seen multiple shifts in all areas of my life since starting this work. I continue to grow, heal and expand after every class and workshop and I am constantly surprised and how much deeper I can go every time.”

- Mae

I came to find my femininity again after having to shave my head for medical reasons and to find my womanly self expression, I was terrified and nervous to begin! The workshop held me and nurtured me to open up and blossom and the immense support and love I felt over that weekend has left me with a lingering key to the essence of what it is to be woman. Such a valuable experience for every woman. It was extraordinary and life altering. Thank you!”

- Bianca

“Honestly this is what I have been looking for! I'm astounded by the transformation of not only myself but all the women who do SSD! I have to say I tend to not gravitate towards workshops or courses, but that's only because I hadn't really experienced anything that provided so much value for money until I did this course. This is a transformational course and I'm so glad I took the jump and did it! Without really knowing what I was in for, I have absolutely no regrets I feel I am a better person for it and have gained something within myself that I wouldn't really have been able to grasp or fathom until I had done it. So I highly recommend it to all women! and I'm so amazed and grateful for what Holly has created. Its magical to see everyone transform by the power of their own thoughts and reconnect with their body and feminine side. It's like witnessing a flower bloom! and I say this with 100% conviction, I'm blown away!”

- Breanna

“Doing this course was the best thing I have done in a long time! As an incredible shy, awkward, homebody person, dancing with Holly has brought my desires and sensuality back from the dark and into my life again. I absolutely loved every minute of it and anyone sitting at home thinking, or wanting to know how to become an erotic and confident woman, HAS to do this course! I am so glad I took the leap.”

- Amanda

“The 2 day workshop provided a nurturing environment which encouraged personal growth through the exploration of sensual and sexual development. Holly is an amazing woman who inspires you to embrace your body and all its deliciousness; to work through your inhibitions. I learnt to embrace my femininity and swim in all the lusciousness that comes with being a woman. I took away a sense of freedom to enjoy my curves and all the joy that it brings within my relationship.”

- Kelli


Not in Brisbane?

Don’t worry! You can experience Shiva Shakti Dance, no matter where you live.

Frequently Asked Questions


A final note...

If you’ve read this far down the page, there’s likely something inside you that’s feeling deeply called to explore this devotional erotic practice.

If that’s you, I want to assure you that Shiva Shakti Dance will allow you to discover the magnificence of your own body, reclaim your deepest pleasure, relax into your feminine flow, and freely express all aspects of yourself without fear or inhibition.

But perhaps the most powerful way I can explain the transformation you’ll experience is with this truth:

We’ve had multiple women book into our courses and workshops because they SAW another woman moving so radiantly and sensually, that they simply had to ask her what on earth she’d been doing to be feeling so free.

Like a light that’s suddenly been flicked on high beam, the transformation in our women is remarkable, illuminating, and undeniable to all around them.

Are you ready to join them?
Are you ready to awaken the sensual woman within?


P.S. Still feeling self-conscious? Scared? Worried?

We understand that this kind of inner work can cause all kinds of fears and concerns to come up. We also know that there are times when words on a computer screen simply won’t cut it — sometimes you just need to hear the warmth and reassurance of a real-life human.

If that’s you, and you’d like to talk to us about enrolling in a course or workshop (to ask questions, air your fears, or find out what it’s really like) you’re welcome to speak to us directly.

Click the button below, and you’ll be redirected to our online calendar. You can schedule a free 15 minute call with one of our facilitators to find out if Shiva Shakti Dance is right for you — no cost, no strings, just a loving conversation.