Arousal is not just about getting wet before sex. Arousal is the effect of intimate connection, feeling alive and enthusiastic about life.

When your body is RELAXED, RESPONSIVE and RECEPTIVE to the possibility of what’s happening in the moment arousal occurs very naturally. Everything feels more vibrant and rich….and not just in the bedroom.

You can be walking down the street relaxed, responsive and receptive to the breeze on your neck and feel aroused. Or looking into the night sky, dissolve in its vastness. Or whilst taking a shower deeply feel the water running over your body drenching you in pleasurable sensations.

Arousal is about allowing the moment touch you intimately.

As a felt sense of intimate connection with life.

Unfortunately, we spend most of the time in our heads, too distracted to notice the magnificence of life, disconnected from the sensations in our bodies, or numbed out from past experiences of hurt.

If you don’t currently experience ease of arousal in your sex life it’s likely that you’re not really turned on about what’s happening in your life either. Our relationship with our sexual energy is fundamental to our creativity, expression and fulfillment in life.

If it flows, our life flows. If it’s dried up, un-felt and stuck…life begins to feel that way too.

That’s why through cultivating relaxation, responsiveness and receptivity in the body through Shiva Shakti Dance often leads women to experience massive life transformations as a result.

Women have quit unfulfilling jobs, conceived babies where before they were having difficulty, gained the confidence to launch successful businesses, attracted amazing new partners, let go of stale relationships that no longer served them, revolutionised the way that they parented, started epic passion based projects, and experienced new levels of orgasmic bliss in their sexual relationships.

If you’re not currently aroused and desire to connect more deeply with yourself and life book in to an upcoming Shiva Shakti Dance opportunity!

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