Women’s hips are a source of tremendous creativity, pleasure and power.

We can literally hold life, nourish and birth a new being in our hips. Isn’t that incredible!?

The waters of our sacrum are magnetic to our desires, essential to our ability to flow and receive the fruits of our yearnings.

Yet, as women our hips also hold our past traumas (collective and personal), our numbness, our inhibitions, our unmet longings

…everything we want and fear to embrace.

Some call this play of fear and desire an ‘erotic edge’.

But this edge isn’t the precipice of a dangerous cliff that you must boldly leap off. It’s more like the edge of the beach where the sand meets the sea.

Subtle. Inviting. Beautiful.

Gently, tenderly, let your hips sway.
Enter your hips like one who enters a refreshing mountain pool.


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