Everyone is inherently both and cultivating the embodied expression of both creates a well-rounded, integrated, high functioning human being.

In Shiva Shakti Dance we explore the embodiment of both the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ polarities within us:

These are not derivatives of gender, stereotypes or cultural roles but expressions of the play of consciousness (Shiva) and energy (Shakti). 

structure AND flow
stillness AND movement
penetrating AND receiving
strong AND sensitive
agency AND surrender
structure AND flow
container AND content or experience
witnessing AND feeling
apparent AND mysterious
certainty AND vulnerability
presence AND aliveness
depth AND expansion
emptiness AND fullness
permanent AND impermanent

When we are expressing our full selves, these two aspects intertwine in a scintillating devotional erotic dance – each honouring the other, and each enhanced by the other’s presence.

Through the Shiva Shakti Dance practice we cultivate and embody both polarities within ourselves. Then, in relationship can artfully choose to specifically embody one aspect of the polarity (depending on what you prefer), our partner the other, to experience the devotional erotic dance and ecstatic pulse of attraction through two bodies.

Don’t buy into the dogma of women need to be feminine and men more masculine – we all need both & should be able to fully embody either aspects whenever we choose.

#TheEndOfCodependecy #StopTheGenderWar

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