I started dancing not so long ago in 2011. Prior to that I had explored salsa socially for some months, and before that you wouldn’t have even caught me dropping a few moves in the living room. 

Up until 5 years ago I had very little relationship with my femininity, love for my body or inkling of what was possible to feel through dancing.The game-changer for me was a suggestion from my intimate partner back then to replace my rigorous yoga practice with dancing but keep the same level of inner awareness.

So, I began to dance for 60mins per day, every day…rain, hail, shine, menstrual, grumpy, relaxed, stressed…no matter what, I would dance the dance of whatever I was experiencing. Eyes closed, iPod on shuffle, the dance would unfold…sometimes clunky, sometimes almost still, sometimes dynamic and emotional.

And my life began to change…dramatically.

The dance in my heart began to awaken.

It was magical, I felt alive in my senses like never before & marvelled at the beauty I found everywhere I went.

I couldn’t stop dancing, life became an incredible mystical dance with a universal dance partner leading the way!

Amidst my own home practice I was also engaged in an extraordinarily beautiful & deep practice called ‘Hridaya – Meditation for the Spiritual Heart’ and was entering 10 day silent retreats every month for 8mths or so. It was absorbed in seated meditation that the vision, method and philosophy for Sacred Dance emerged.

Dance fundamentally changed my world.

Now, it is my honour to share the potential for awakening through dance.

I take great pleasure in seeing all the time women experiencing the same union with dance as I did.

A relationship with dance that brings radiance, freedomlove and gratitude to all corners of your heart.

And whole body relaxation when you realise you don’t have to try so hard and push to do everything. The dance is already happening, within you it has a volition of its own, leading you always towards the most uplifting experience of life for your soul.

On 20 March (next weekend) I’m offering a 1-day workshop nestled in a nature on the Sunshine Coast called ‘Awaken the Dance in Your Heart’. I will be sharing the fundamental philosophy and practices to fall absolutely in love with yourself and the dance of life.

If your heart is yearning, please come join us!

CLICK HERE for more info & bookings

Below: This photo is from late 2011…about six months into my practice of awakening through dance.

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