Are you the type of woman that gives and gives and gives in relationships trying to make yourself feel adequate, because just being who you are isn’t quite good enough?

Don’t get me wrong, giving is a beautiful and fulfilling quality of the feminine nature, just look at Mother Nature and all that she gives. I’m talking about the kind of hustle to sell yourself as good, pleasing and acceptable that happens because you don’t respect yourself enough to value who you are.

No matter what you do, how tolerant you are, how much you give till you burn out and are an emotional wreck or numb, your partner and the people around you don’t really value and respect what you do because you don’t give yourself that honour.

You are enough.

I know we’ve been told for eons that women are inferior, sexualised objects and weak victims that make bad decisions. It’s time to come to our senses. Real change starts within. It starts with every woman rediscovering the inherent divinity within herself, marrying herself and committing to her own self-love and worthiness. Only then can you really love and serve another.

The courageous, yet vulnerable women who embrace the Shiva Shakti Dance practice very quickly come to realise the immense value, power and beauty of who they are and begin to respect and honour their own intrinsic worth as non-negotiable.

I get constant feedback from Shiva Shakti Dancers about the huge positive changes in their lives that come from owning and honouring who they are. In their relationships, their work and their communities, people interact differently with them, respect them, give them time, opportunities, listen to them and possibilities open because they have claimed themselves.

If you need to reclaim your self-worth and experience the incredible blessing you have in this life of being born a woman…there’s not a single moment to waste feeling unfulfilled, come dance.

So much more than a sexy dance class…

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