Feminine sexual energy is undoubtedly the most powerful of forces in this world. It is pure potentiality, the creative drive of life itself and intoxicating beauty of nature manifest in endless forms.

Secretly if not openly most women know or at least intuit that this erotic energy within them can move mountains and essentially get them anything they desire.

What if you could access the capacity to manifest whatever you desired into the world?

Such an immense capacity for transformation dwells within your hips…no wonder so many of us shut it down and keep our knees together for fear of our own potential!

But what if this scintillating erotic feminine energy is married with the heart…offered in its fullness as a sacred gesture of devotion to your beloved. Not used to elicit security from men, expensive clothes and a new car…but in service of the highest love, for spiritual awakening.

How would it feel to connect, express and be seen in that fullness of your sexuality? In all it’s facets…the softness, the wildness, the playful and dirty without shame, judgement or boundaries. To surrender to the erotic energy that creates and moves the entire universe also moving through you, kissing your neck with goosebumps, heating your thighs with passion, and streaming up your spine with the caress of fine silk.

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