“For almost a year I would read the feedback from the DED weekend workshops and wonder if all the hype was really true. Or more so if I was capable of feeling the depth of this course that all of these woman before me had.

What if it’s too much? What if I can’t handle it? It kinda scares me! It would be such a waste of money if I didn’t show up..

However beneath the chatter of my fearful mind there was always a warm and inquisitive whisper prompting questions like:

‘But what if I DO love it, what if through this practice I form a deep connection to my body and heart?’

‘What if I see myself as the beautiful powerful feminine goddess that I’m longing to feel inside and out?’

‘What if tapping into my sexual energy opens and allows more love and freedom to flow through me and into my life and relationships, igniting a confidence in myself and what I desire and deserve as a woman?’

‘What if through this practice I form a deep compassionate and loving relationship with my body which allows me, for the first time in my life, to really love myself and appreciate all the parts of me that make me a woman, that make me, me?’ <3

Well, after letting that little voice, which I like to think is my heart, get so loud I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I booked into Holly’s DED course and made the commitment to dancing through my fears and eliminating that mind chatter every single week.

I am beyond happy, relieved and proud to say all my desires + more were met during this time and now I too am sitting here enjoying some deep reflection and gratitude for everything I have just experienced.

Allowing myself the opportunity to be so seen/vulnerable every week while so deeply supported and strengthened by my sisters was such a blessing.

Even on the weeks I didn’t feel up to it I still made the commitment to go and 100% of the time left feeling so much more in tune with my body and simply more alive than I felt before.

Holly creates SUCH a beautiful and nurturing space for you to feel supported and loved in this sometimes confronting journey. Her wealth of knowledge surrounding the feminine and masculine (plus so much more) flows out her so effortlessly into every class. She is a true gift to us all on this journey, lighting the way with her acts of love and dedication, she is a constant inspiration and reminder of everything we are capable of achieving as woman.

I can’t stress enough how much of an impact she’s had on my own journey and how much I urge you all to be blessed with her practice and teachings as soon as possible.

So thanks to Holly and the sisters I shared these last 6 weeks with I now have a new confidence, and sense of inner strength that I know stems from my heart. It’s not ego, it doesn’t seek attention or validation from my relationships, it’s a deep love and respect for myself and a continuous thanks from my body and soul for making the commitment to grow and expand every class.

So, it is without an inch of hesitation I recommend this course for your body, mind and spirits evolution.

Every woman has something to gain from these teachings and NOW is the best time to start.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready 🙂

Fear not! You are loved and you are supported.

True magic awaits <3 <3″

These are the heartfelt words of Ashleigh Edmunds, with whom I’ve had the absolute pleasure of witnessing move from hesitation into glorious embodiment of her feminine nature in the DED level 1 course, and now is continuing to embrace all the wonders of being a woman in the level 2 course!

She generously allows me to share her testimonial in the hope that her experience would also inspire other women to take the leap.

If reading this has affected you…don’t wait any longer.


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