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The real transformation begins when you dance this wisdom through your body...

This downloadable video guides you through a series of movements that will get you into your body, open you up beyond your habitual mental patterns, and connect you to the innate aliveness and sexual energy in your body.

At only 20 minutes long, it will give you a taster of Shiva Shakti Dance, and is designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Whether you dip in daily, or keep it on hand for for those times you need to rapidly melt away stress, this video will help you:

  • Open up to the true grace and power of your body,
  • Release tension and numbness while quieting your inner critic, and
  • Awaken your senses to feel new types of energy flowing through you (including passion, pleasure, presence and more).

In short, you’ll learn how to use your body to express your inner self — in all her wildness, tenderness, and beauty.…

…… EVEN if you’re “not a dancer”, or feel completely self-conscious, or haven’t done so much as a plié since you were 5 years old… or ever!

This is NOT a technical dance practice (i.e. it’s not based on complicated choreography) so you DON’T need any experience to benefit from it. Nor do you need to be a certain shape, size, or body type. This practice is for ALL women.

Basically, if you’re craving embodiment, if you want to learn how to drop into deeper levels of pleasure and presence whenever you wish, and if you’ve been longing for that cell-tingling feeling of being alive again, this is for you.

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