Embracing Shakti Guided Dance Video

This downloadable video guides you through a series of movements that will get you into your body, open you up beyond your habitual mental patterns, and connect you to the innate aliveness and sexual energy in your body.

Check it out!

Embodying Your Sensual Shakti [VIDEO]

By Holly

In this interview as part of the Embodied Experts Summit with Jenna Ward, we discuss: – the journey from rigidity, numbness and being stuck in the head to sensual embodiment – experiencing arousal as a way of being – making love with life – dancing as a form of devotion – how intimacy with yourself…


By Holly

Everyone is inherently both and cultivating the embodied expression of both creates a well-rounded, integrated, high functioning human being. In Shiva Shakti Dance we explore the embodiment of both the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ polarities within us: These are not derivatives of gender, stereotypes or cultural roles but expressions of the play of consciousness (Shiva) and…

“be more feminine”

By Holly

“Oh you just need to be more feminine / work on your femininity” “You’re too much in your masculine” …please no more of that bullshit! That just leaves women feeling bad about themselves, that they are not enough and thinking there’s yet another standard they need to meet! Embodying the feminine is an inner gesture…

What you can do with RESISTANCE instead of pushing it (unsuccessfully) away

By Ashleigh

RESISTANCE. DO YOU HAVE IT? HATE IT? EMBRACE IT?   I used to think the things I loved should always come naturally.   Those classes, practices or people that left me healthy and inspired I should always feel a natural inclination towards….Lol. I was wrong!And to be honest, I have spent SO much time over the years justifying,…

Feel good for the benefit of all beings!

By Holly

A little while ago some friends who also happen to be kickass business women + mums, and I went for a seaside getaway. We were chatting about how often women feel guilty for not being productive and getting more done. The belief that personal achievement & serving others = worthiness is pretty hardwired for many.…

You’re welcome to fail

By Holly

WHY DO WE THINK WE HAVE TO ALREADY BE GOOD AT THE THING WE WANT TO LEARN…?   ‘I’d like to try yoga but I can’t even touch my toes.’ ‘I want to try bellydance classes but my hips are so stiff. ‘ ‘I’m not fit enough to join that fitness class.’ ‘I want to…

Some might doubt that something as ‘simple’ as dance can change the world… But not us.

Every week, we witness the women in our classes returning to their natural state of being – overflowing with love, sensually awake, free to express themselves, and celebrating the immensity of life coursing through them…

There’s no question in our minds about the revolutionary power of Shiva Shakti Dance.

The only question?

Is whether you’ll join us.